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Sweeping curves easily achieved

Fences and Bollards

Beams & Timber Direct LTD (BTD) are the proud manufacturers of the BTD INTERLOCK™ Fence, the fence that simply slots together.

Our fences grace farms and properties New Zealand wide and can be used for a wide range of situations including farms and lifestyle blocks, subdivisions, council parks & recreational areas and equestrian properties.

This stylish post and rail kitset fence, has precisely machined components where the rails lock into the post rebates providing a strong and appealing fence. Options include 4 rail, 3 rail, 2 rail and single rail in a range of post sizes from 125mmsq. We can supply post sizes of 150mmsq, 200mmsq, 250mmsq, 300mmsq and up to 400mmsq.

We also manufacture a range of wooden bollards, both round and square, including hardware for lockable and removable bollards and the concrete mowing collars for round and square bollards. Standard council bollards are available or we can custom process to your design . We're your one stop bollard shop. Lastly we specialize in the production of large, long and one-off solid wood beams and wideboards, for indoor and outdoor use.

For more information or to discuss options for your subdivision or property using our BTD INTERLOCK TM post and rail fences, please contact us. We would be happy to quote for all your fencing and bollard requirements.