How to Install BTD Interlock Kitset Post & Rail Fence

What You Will Need:

Spirit level, hand rammer, tape measure, string line, rubber mallet/hammer, spade, post hole borer and pegs to mark pole centers


To erect a fence it is wise to spend the time setting up your string lines to get a good straight line or smooth curve. Place your string line about 1m from the intended line of the fence. Invest in time at this stage and it will pay for itself in the long run.

Posts may be either post hole bored or hand dug. Dig/bore the first hole and place in the first post. Check the post is level and straight in line and then hand ram the first post. Just place the bottom rail in its rebate and then dig/bore the second hole where the rail ends. Check the height of the top of the posts to ensure you have a good visual top line and then ease the second post back, and tap in with a rubber hammer the bottom rail, then middle and lastly the top rail.

It is important to ensure all rails are fully in the rebated holes, you can put a pencil mark on the rail to make sure it is housed completely into the post, then hand ram around the second post. Continue down your fence line, repeatedly checking the top line of the fence to ensure that the fence is nicely flowing over the contour of the land. The first and last posts and any gate posts must be plumb, the other posts will follow the contour of the land.