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AquaSplash Lichfield

Commercial use

Commercial Post & Rail Interlock Fence - Aquasplash Lichfield Putaruru

Type of fence: 3 Rail Post & Rail using our standard 125mm posts

Description: The owner of, AquaSplash in Lichfield, a water bottling plant, required a feature fence on his boundary. He contacted Nick Shaw of Ace of Spades Fencing, who recommended the use of the BTD Interlock fence, knowing the owner has a keen eye for quality and detail."the fence looks fantastic, with clean lines, and with the timber being of a very high standard" says the owner. " I am wanting this to be a showcase property and the fence is the perfect accomplishment to this end".

Fencing Contractor: Ace of Spades Fencing Services is owned by Nick Shaw , who has several years experience in the rural and residential sector as well as orchard fencing. Servicing mainly the BOP, AOS also travel to Kerikeri, Pukekawa and Putaruru. They pride themselves on their work, providing the best products and services at competitive rates. .Nick says "there is no money in call backs, you have to get the job done right first time to stay ahead of the competition and ensure you keep your good reputation.. We were impressed with the fence, installation is a breeze, their were no chips or gauges in the product and the rail recesses were always nice and snug, no slop or play, making for a strong and stable fence. We stand behind the BTD Interlock fence and will continue to promote them"