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Gavins Contracting Ltd - BTD Interlock Fence Taupiri

Type of Fence:

Three rail using our 150mm sq posts and 200mm sq posts on the ends.

Customer Brief:

Customer required a smart fence for their commercial business located in a rural setting in Taupiri. "We intend to seal the drive and because we are after an attractive entrance to our business we wanted our fence to be more upmarket than a traditional post & rail fence. Beams & Timber's Interlock brand of fencing was really what we were looking for. We were very impressed with how easy it was to put up and the great sweeping curves which we managed to create at the entrance" said James Gavin - Owner of Gavin's Contracing. "Beams & Timber were great to deal with in all respects, and with Graeme's fencing and sawmilling background we had confidence we were dealing with an expert"