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Selwyn Domain

Redevelopment 2016

access to beach

Rangitoto Island

Black stained

300mm sq profiled bollards

Mission Bay

Lockable and removable bollards

Selwyn Domain - 2016 Upgrade Auckland Waterfront

In 2016 the Auckland City Council embarked on a major upgrade of the foreshore at Mission Bay. The job entailed the use of impressive 300mm square profiled bollards and 150mm square removable bollards. These profiled bollards had a chamfer to top edges and a rebated collar. Painted black, the overall effect is modern and contemporary. The new look Selwyn Domain, where many a young Aucklander has spent time picnicking or dipping their feet in the fountain, or shared takeaways with someone special in the shade of one of the beautiful big trees holds many memories of growing up in Auckland. With stunning views out over the Waitemata harbour and Rangitoto Island the domain is a very popular place as evidenced by the number of people who make their way there 7 days a week.