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Takahoa Bay BTD Interlock™ Post & Rail Fence


Located in the beautiful Takahoa Bay, on the Kaipara Harbour.

Type of fence:

3 Rail using 125mm x 125mm sq intermediate posts and 250mm x 250mm posts as feature posts at each end of the fence line. The one bay side fences end with a 150mm x 150mm sq post.

Customer Brief:

The customer required some high end fencing for their property and some feature gate posts to mark the start and finish of the drive. They looked at several styles and settled on the BTD Interlock Fence. The customer loves his new fence and he thinks Shane has done an awesome installation job


Installer of this fence was Shane Beets of "Call a Farmer". Shane is based in Wellsford and covers a large range around the greater Wellsford area. With his own 4WD tractor mounted post hole borer, no job is too difficult. "This job had its challenges, with a very hard rock like substrate, and the driveway running across a slope presented its own challenges" said Shane. However on completion of the job a very proud Shane in his own words said "we nailed the job without a single nail". As a supplier of this fence, we would have no hesitation in recommending the workmanship of Shane and Call A Farmer. Shane - those lines are perfect!